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Special offers from project tickle-in-everyday-life

special offers:

Here you can buy a photobook with older and seldom pics from beginning of thebielsite and early years tickle-in-everydays-life.com. The hardcover photobook has 38 sites and you can buy it for 49,- € and 6,90 € transport within Germany and 18 € from Germany to USA. Transport to Italy is 9,- €. This price includes  6 months access to members area of www.tickle-in-everydays-life.com

Without access you can buy the book für 39,- €

Another book with best pictures from first half 2015 60 sites you could buy till Nov. 2019 for 69,- €

Please note: we currently have no copies in stock. If you want to buy one of the books, please expect a longer delivery time as we have to produce it first. The text in both books is in German language. If you are interested, drop a line and we try to produce some more.


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